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Josey was the most awesome little dog ever. She liked her squeaky toys and her big fluffy bed she would lay on. She did not like to go outside when the grass was too tall or wet. She loved going for rides in the car whether it was a long trip or...

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James Dean

JD was 18 years old when he was finally too tired to stay any longer. We will miss the way his ear would flop to one side when he heard something. We also missed the way that he would howl with the coyotes when they were howling at night. He...

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Monday was my little buddy, He loved chasing cars and the mailman. He was always a sleep head. He loved to run around and chase the boys around the house as they played with their toys.

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Hudson was an awesome little doggy. He loved chasing squierrels. He loved eating little sausages. He always laid by my side and watched TV with me.

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