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House of Reflections Gives Those Choosing Cremation a New Option


Ferncliff Cemetery’s House of Reflections is a serene indoor oasis where families can visit loved ones’ cremation urns displayed in glass-fronted niches.

As the percentage of people in the Springfield area preferring cremation continues to increase, we are pleased to offer a new, economical option for memorialization: indoor, glass-front niches for displaying urns filled with cremated remains.

In the beautiful House of Reflections, which features 368 glass-front niches, you can visit your love one’s urn in a private, climate-controlled setting, with comfortable furniture and soothing music that enhance the spirit of contemplation. There is room in each spacious niche to display photos that reflect the deceased’s life, in addition to the urn.

The historic building, formerly the Ferncliff Cemetery supervisor’s house, has been exquisitely restored as an extension of our commitment to make Ferncliff a peaceful final resting place for people who choose cremation.

Indoor memorial spaces with glass-front niches on cemetery grounds are growing in popularity for a number of reasons:

  • They make it easy for every family member to visit a loved one’s urn whenever they wish
  • They take away the sometimes-tricky question of who will display the urn in their home
  • There is no need to check with the family housing the urn before visiting
  • You don’t have to worry what will happen to the urn when the person in possession of it moves or dies
  • Niches provide peace of mind that the urn will be safe and reverently care for

When you go to a cemetery to visit your loved one’s niche, you enter serene grounds that put you in a contemplative frame of mind. Ferncliff’s 240 acres are especially peaceful, with lakes, benches and waterfalls to give the living a quiet place to mourn and remember. The House of Reflections extends this atmosphere to the indoors, so you can comfortably visit any time of year.


How Much Do You Know About Cremation?

Many people choose cremation as an affordable means of disposition, but their loved ones can feel uncomfortable about the choice if they are unfamiliar with the options involved. Many families that choose Ferncliff are pleased and surprised to learn that cremation does not have to exclude traditional funeral practices such as visitations and religious or secular services with the body present.

In our crematory on the Ferncliff grounds, there is a viewing room where family and friends can see the body moving into the cremation chamber.

This can bring closure and help individuals begin the healing part of the grieving process.


Making Plans

A number of payment options are available to reserve a House of Reflections niche for the future. You can even visit and select your exact niche during pre-planning.

To learn more about the House of Reflections and the many cremation options at Ferncliff, call any time. We are here to serve every family’s unique end of life wishes with compassion.

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