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Nugget was a yellow lab mix with a very sweet-temperament who never met a stranger.  She loved to hang out on Mark’s bed, neighbor’s front porches and at grandma’s house.  She loved to have a special treat of ice cream. 

Nugget offered pet therapy at Forest Glen and other local care facilities.  She loved to ride in a car with the breeze running through her fur.  She also loved to check out what treats her condo neighbors had to offer. 

One of the fondest memories of the precious time Mark spent with his beloved pet is Nugget was when she developed and exceptionally loving and loyal fan base with her Facebook photos posted weekly for over 4 and half years.  Many people would say that this was the first thing they would check when they got out of bed each Sunday morning.  It became a challenge for Mark to come up with new ideas for costumes or clever comments but it strengthened the bond between the two of them even further.

Nugget was an awesome dog who will forever be in the hearts of everyone who was given the opportunity to love her.


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