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Pet Memorialization: Ferncliff Now Offers Full Services







When a treasured member of the family passes, it is natural to want a respectful, dignified burial or cremation, and a peaceful resting place you can visit to remember the good times.

Such was the situation for the family of Shadow, who died in March, 2019. In his memorial, the family said,

“…We saw his handsome picture on a rescue website and were immediately drawn to this beautiful black and white ‘senior’ border collie mix. We treasured and doted on him for his remaining four years. Very well behaved and always a ‘gentleman,’ this sweet boy spent most of his time watching us from one of his five beds and walking his path around the property.

“Our favorite times for all three of us were greeting each other after an absence, however short, and ‘camping’ together in the sunroom. We miss him every moment.”

By choosing Ferncliff for Shadow’s burial, the family was able to have a graveside service befitting his importance to them, and now visits his grave often to remember him and process their grief.


Ferncliff’s Pet Cemetery

The Pet Cemetery was opened in the south part of the grounds, near Buck Creek, in the spring of 2018.

“We are pleased to add pet memorialization services to our offerings,” said Superintendent Stan Spitler at the opening. “Pets are deeply-loved members of the family, and their loss is often difficult to bear. By offering cremation, graveside services, burial, and markers, Ferncliff can now help our families with the grief associated with a pet’s passing.”


Packages & Services

We offer both full body burial (for animals up to 200 lbs.) and the burial of cremated remains (for any size animal). We also provide cremation services, including pick-up either at your vet’s office or your home.

The burial package for full body burial includes a space as well as the opening and closing of the grave. The cremation package includes the space, opening and closing, as well as cremation and the urn.

A graveside service may be held for $125.00 to memorialize your pet during normal business hours. Upgraded urns for your pet are also available.

Simple markers begin at $177.00, including engraving. We can also assist in the custom design of a wide variety of markers to memorialize your special family member.


Free Cremation for Service Dogs

All service dogs receive private cremation free of charge with proof of service.


Pet Memorials

On our website’s Pet Memorials page, you can share your pet’s life story, so others can know the love that you and s/he had for one another.


To Make Arrangements Ahead or at Time of Need

Arrangements can easily be made by calling the Ferncliff Funeral Home at 937-207-0309, or by having the veterinarian’s office call for you.

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