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Upcoming Events

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    08:00 -19:00

    Ferncliff Cemetery grounds will be open extended hours for the three-day weekend. (Sat, Sun, Mon:

    8am – 7 pm

    Burial location assistance will be available from 8-4 on Saturday, 12-4 on Sunday, and 8-4 on Monday, at the tent just inside the main McCreight entrance, as well as at our office.

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    20:00 -22:00

    Sunday, May 26th

    Floating Lantern Remembrance Service

    Once again, Ferncliff will be honoring our loved ones lost within the past year, with an evening Lantern Service on Sunday, May 26 beginning at 8:00pm.  Families will gather to pay tribute with a floating lighted lantern launched on our pond. This event is by invitation only and RSVP is required.  Call for your reservation 937-322-3491. Please bring a lawn chair for your comfort

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    09:00 -12:00

    Monday, May 27th

    Post Parade Veterans’ Honor Service

    Last year the Clark County Memorial Day Parade changed its route and no longer ended at Ferncliff Cemetery. The new route turned south from McCreight, and headed down Plum Street along the eastern edge of the cemetery. Regardless of the route, Ferncliff will be hosting a Veterans Honor Service after the parade, at the Veterans Memorial Plaza, near the WWII section. Signs will be installed from the south Plum St gate near Cliff Park, directing attendees to the plaza. We invite you to join us in paying tribute.